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Related article: riage to a* daughter of the late General Irwin. It would be difficult for the owner of Hendersyde and of the fine stretch of water which ex- tends down the Tweed to the celebrated Sprouston Dub not to be a salmon- fisher, and a visit to the smoking-room at Hendersyde would bear eloquent What Is Methotrexate testimony to this, as Sir Richard is proud to show a fish of 39lbs., which, to- gether with twelve others of vari- ous weights, he caught the same day. On this occasion his father, the late baronet, who was fishing a little way above him, Mtx Methotrexate got very few ; but on the next day he came down to ** The Dub " and secured ten fish, including one of 44lbs. Sir Richard has much tq say about the Tweed fisheries, and it is interesting to learn that the Methotrexate Mtx heaviest salmon ever taken with rod and line was Arthritis Methotrexate one of 57^1bs., which was secured by Mr. Arthur Pryor when fishing the Floors water. He is very fond of hunting, and has for several years been Chairman of the Covert Fund Committee of the Buccleuch Hunt, which, as a reference to ** Baily's Hunting Directory" will show, is one of the few private packs dating from the year 1827, the country, as now constituted, having existed ever since. It has been the plea- sant custom to have a ''Hunt meet " at Kelso in the latter part of November, with balls, lawn- meets, &c. ; but this was omitted in 1899, as so many fanlilies had relatives on' the way to South Africa, the Duke of Roxburghe having gone out with the ** Blues,'* and the Duke of Buccleuch having four sons and a son-in- law in South Africa. Sir Richard is, moreover, colonel of the ist Roxburghe and Selkirk Volun- teers, over a thousand strong, and is very proud of the fact that his men won the Minto Cup and the General's Cup. What with his county and local duties. Sir Richard does not know what it is to have an idle hour, and you cannot fail to bring away from Hendersyde the pleasurable impression of having been the guest of a Methotrexate Interactions model sportsman and country gentleman. !240 [Al'Rll, Some Stray Notes on Matters not Uncon nected with Foxhunting. I MAY as well begin by stating that this is not an article on the Science of Foxhunting. Methotrexate In Arthritis I think it best Methotrexate And Cancer to do so at once, for fear Methotrexate Arthritis some luckless ' individual, on seeing tlie heading, should be induced to read Methotrexate By Injection it, and having done so, would have good cause to complain that he had been de- ceived by Methotrexate Injection false pretences. I have no intention at present to take in hand so difficult a subject as that, to criticise, for instance, the various ways in which hounds are hunted, to ex- press an opinion on such questions as to whether it is better for a huntsman to be noisy or quiet, to hardly ever take his horn from his mouth, and so please one section of critics, or hardly ever take it from its Methotrexate And Arthritis case, and so please another ; whether he should go away with half the pack when the fox leaves the covert, or wait for all Methotrexate 2.5 Mg his hounds ; whether he should take out as big a pack as he can, or as small a pack as he can ; whether he should try and get home early on a bad scenting day, or persevere till dark ; and lastly, whether he should frequently lose his temper for the sake It Methotrexate of amus- ing or possibly annoying, the field, or keep it, and so do neither. Nor am I going to discuss the merits or demerits of the modern •foxhound, to make any remarks on the comparative value of straight legs and good shoulders, to take one side or the other in such well-worn arguments as to the relationship of nose and pace, or the superiority or otherwise of the present English Methotrexate Injections foxhound to his forefathers. No, I leave all such subjects Hher to those who are much better able to speak Arthritis And Methotrexate about them with authority than I am ; or to that large class of persons whose opinions, rarely founded on know- ledge, are always to be had for the asking, if they have not already been bestowed gratuitously. These are Methotrexate Interaction only a few stray notes on much more trivial mat- ters. I suppose it is the fashion in this world to overdo most things, and certainly this is the case as regards hunting literature, and though I must plead guilty at the present moment, 1 refer more especially to the enormous increase there is nowadays in the accounts of sport with the various packs of hounds in the United Kingdom. Not only are the columns of the regular sporting papers full of such accounts, but nearly every local paper has its hunting cor- respondent. It seems almost a pity this should be so, as besides the harm it does in advertising countries, no run is really worth recording unless a very good one, and then the shorter and simpler the account the better. All that is necessary to be known is where the fox was found, what line he took, how the run ended, and if possible the time and distance, but these two latter to be of any value must be absolutely accurate. I must say I agree with Mr. Thomas Parrington, who when recording in a few lines in his journal a great run Re had had with the Cleveland in 1840, adds : ** Such a beautiful run needs no embellishment.*' But now, with a good number of packs Methotrexate 2.5 every day's sport is published, whether it has been good, bad, or indifferent, and the I90I.] Methotrexate For Cancer Methotrexate For Arthritis SOME STRAY NOTES ON FOXHUNTING. 241 writers seem tOj be possessed not only of very, lively imaginations, but also of rose-coloured magni- fying glasses. I suppose most people know the story of the man who, after having had his first week's hunting in the Shires, ex- claimed to his friend on reading the sporting correspondent's ac- count of. what they had done, ** Why, bless my soul ! although I did Methotrexate Mg not know it, we seem to have had a very good week after all." What one may call the up-to- date manner of describing a run,